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The Driving lights for cross-country competition


What is LED Driving lights?

LED Driving lights are even stronger than all of lights are. They have a longer, straight beam, and they are installed on the motorcycle, sedan, pickup, truck, or SUV. NIKEN LED Driving lights are always the best choice in the dark area or countryside, since the purpose of LED Driving lights assist driver to see more and safer.

When should we use LED Driving Lights

LED Driving lights can be switched on in many situations, especially for safety reason or competitions. In many countries, it is very important to keep drivers safe from collisions with wildlife. Many drivers use them while off-roading or traversing dark country roads. LED Driving lights are powerful for far ahead, illuminating the next stretch of road that will expand the visions with a comfortable driving.

Rally, off-road, Racing competitions

With compact size of LED, LED Driving lights provide a powerful, stable, durability light source for many kinds of competitions. It is very suitable for these kinds of high strength extreme racing in such off-road terrain. We are glad to find the NIKEN’s LED Driving lighting (#NK0923, #NK0723A)are the one of most popular choice in the competition (The first cross-country competition,2021). And we believe the expert driver love and trust the performance of the lighting to assist the competition.

Is It Illegal To Drive With Driving Lights On?

Basically no, it is not illegal to drive with LED Driving lights on when you pass ECE or SAE regulation. It is an auxiliary light to increases the safety when you driving in a dark country road or off-road. However, you should turn off when any opposite vehicle comes to avoid temporary eye-blind by glare lighting. It is always suggested that they only are used when conditions require extra lighting.

Why NIKEN Driving lights?

NIKEN lights are all made in Taiwan with perfect quality and performance for 40 years. We design several light patterns for suit any kinds of terrain or purpose. Surely, it is not just only the performance, the unique design of the appearance is really an eye-catch stuff for on road or off-road(#4X4). So go forth and check amazing LED lighting by NIKEN, it’s your best choice.

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